Information about WIPATI



WIPATI provides instant and secure real time booking for artists and party service providers for individual and corporate party events.

It seeks to bring people who are planning their wonderful party moments and others who offer their talent or services together, in order to make parties memorable.

For our artists, whether you are already successful or an up-and-coming one, we provide the platform for you to get closer to your fans and be booked for gigs. With party events more and more focused on giving their guests an amazing entertainment experience, wipati serves as the hustle free bridge to connect to individual and corporate events. 

For those intending to wow their party guests, be it at marriage proposals, weddings, birthday celebration, baby showers,  special anniversaries, and corporate events, WIPATI offers the opportunity to unite all the components to save you money and bring you a successful and an unforgettable party experience for your and your guests.

On WIPATI, you can book event planners, photographers / videographers, singers, dancers, clowns, bands, MC's and more.

The special feature of WIPATI is that once you have found and reserved the a gig, you can rest assured that your artist or service provider will be available on the day you want to make your day unique. 

You may ask what about if my artist never showed up? We thought about that. And so therefore, payments  held in trusted accounts and only released after service provided and no issues arise. The WIPATI team is always on standby  to help with any problems that my arise.

At WIPATI, organizing a party is never as easy as paying for a fraction of the cost.

If you need more information, do not hesitate to contact us using the contact us form. We will get back to you in the shortest possible time.