End of 2010 Kit-Kat travelled for the first time to Ghana, a westafrican country, and discovered her passion for ghanaian and nigerian Afrobeats after listening to jamaican Reggae and Dancehall before.

After she became a resident DJane in 2013 at Ma-Range Pub in Accra lots of different gigs in different places in Ghana followed. Like she played in several radio stations, at concerts with the musician MzVee and other parties with the famous Reggae DJ King Bash.

Also in Germany she continued her passion for African music and worked together with the Ghanaian duo „Fokn Bois“ at the African Conference in Berlin who performed as the headliner on stage of the Volksbühne. DJane Kit-Kat played at the Carnival of the Cultures infront of a million people. And even the Ghanaian president Mr. John Mahama could convinced himself of the musical quality of DJane Kit-Kat.

Listen, watch, convince yourself of the intoxicating music coming from the tropics that DJane Kit-Kat wants to spread at dancefloors all over. Because music is a global medium that brings people together and connect them.

Not Included in Package: PA Sound System
Number of Guests: 300